Home 2010-12

I began this series of photographs three years ago. I believe I started taking them as a reaction to me moving back to Coventry in the West Midlands after travelling for so many years across India. Perhaps stepping over old ground

Returning to my birth place brought a mixture of emotions. There were feelings of huge achievement balanced by ones of absolute failure. On the surface things hadn’t changed much, the same people sat in the corners of the same pubs. Coventry  university’s expansion is still not complete. Year on year it alters the city’s rhythm affecting life within the ring road. New buildings shoot up here and there.

Not so many smiles on the faces of shoppers as they walked from Primark to Pound Land to Primark to Pound Land. The same old menacing figures still lurking within the precinct only these days they are overweight and grey.

I am a product of Coventry and I find it difficult to know whether to love this city or to hate it, some days I feel both. I wonder is life here so different from everywhere else.

 JB after the slashinglowresallesleyoldroadlopwres Binleyroadbloomlowres Dadlowres Cathedral pigeonlowres Chapel streetlowres Charged with murderlowres Chasedlowres citymanstabbedthroughheartlowres cloaknearendlowres clothes linelowres First daffslowres Fridge4lowres Gosford greenlowres Hambarlowres Hospital sky2lowres Jordanwellagainlowres king squirrelowresl Lady godivalowres Lindley road garden flowerslowres Max in gardenlowres Mums Christmas tree Coventry 2010lowres My parents back garden Coventry before Christmas 2010lowres Nans houselowres Pink Dummylowres Reatail marketlowres