The laughing fishermans wife

by thebeautifulpeopleblog

The woman laughing is the wife of a Keralan fisherman from the small village of Vizhinjam just two kilometres south of Kovalam. Kovalam is famous for being the first Indian beach tourist destination for travelling hippys in the early 1960’s. One of the jobs of the fishermen’s wives is to set the price of the days catch before the fish are sent off to market. One of the other and more unpleasant jobs for these women after a mornings fishing is to collect the live jelly-fish that get caught up in nets and bury them in deep pits in the sand so that the many western tourists who still flock to  this coastal Keralan resort don’t get their precious feet stung. Not to worry too much about the pain and the itching from the stings of the jelly-fish to these womens hands!

Portrait by Jason Scott Tilley