My nan’s side of the family

by thebeautifulpeopleblog

My grandmother Dolly Scott or  ‘Nan’ as we still call her was born in 1924 in the town  (now a large city) of Dehra Dun in the north Indian state of Uttaranchal. Her fathers name was Mr Gerald Miles, my Nan never knew the first name of her mother and our family has sadly never been able to that out for her. We do know that Nan’s  mother’s second name was O’Neil so we presume she was from Irish decent. Her father was definitely Anglo India as you can see from the photograph above and I have since learned that Dehra Dun had a huge ‘Anglo’ community.

My Nan had four brothers but sadly her mother died whilst she was still very young and the family moved from Dehra Dun to New Delhi  and my Nan was sent to live with her grandmother who she called granny Miles. They lived at Eastern Court which these days is still quite a posh address in central New Delhi, just off the Janpath road.

My Nan’s memories of her youth are mainly of the happy days she spent at Mayo school in the famous hill station of Simla. The children of the Raj were sent away for months at a time from the unbearable summer heat of the capital, to the much cooler climate in the hills. My Nan told me stories of how much she looked forward to returning to the hills and of the beautiful journey on the ‘Toy train’ that slowly meandered upwards precariously clinging to the side of the mountains. I journey I am pleased to say that I did in 2002.

 Jason Scott Tilley