Big Shanti

by thebeautifulpeopleblog

From my experience the Sadhus of India enjoy the whole process of having their portrait taken and I have enjoyed the time that I have spent with them. They have always made me a welcome guest in India and very rarely have I ever felt as though I were intruding into their lives, whether that has been at a temple, in a cave in Himarchal Pradesh or in a chance meeting at the side of the road.

I, like them, have very little in terms of personal possessions and I envy their simple existence, wanting very little from life but peace and contentment. They live their lives to the exact opposite of our materialistic western way of life  and they seem at odds with this new progressive India that grows all around them.

One ‘Holy man’ who sits offering advice at Dasawameth Ghat in Benares is a man I have become friendly with. He’s tall and well build he’s always smiling when we meet. He sat me down one day and referring to his own life he told me.


“No mortgage, big Shanti.  No car, big Shanti. No wife, Biiigggg Shanti”

Jason Scott Tilley