Looking at me

by thebeautifulpeopleblog

When I look at this particular portrait I immediately spot a recognition of ‘me’. It is a distant recognition that I do not spot in the mirror every single day, or in the small number of photographs that I still have of him. It is a likeness of me that is found only in three or four of the precious photographs that I still hold of him.

The man in the photograph is Algernon Edwin Scott and he was born in Bangalore, in 1893. Algernon Scott was the fifth child and son of Edwin  and Emily. Algernon, or ‘Algee’ as he was affectionately known, was my great-grandfather.

A dormant recognition of ‘me’ from my subconscious mind stimulates a deep connection that is sparked from his close-set eyes and the heavy forehead that we both share. When I look directly at his face in this photograph I feel that I am looking into my eyes in the mirror. There is a genetic family likeness shared between his face and mine that is evident to me when I look at this photograph today. Each time I look at this portrait I  think that we have shared the same thoughts and that although we never met, I think that he some how knows who I am, and in turn that I know him.

Jason Scott Tilley