Photographing ‘the other’

by thebeautifulpeopleblog

“Hello” she said. “I’m on holiday from West Bengal, would you mind if I take a photograph of you”? I said “no, of course I don’t mind”. She lifted her camera and she pointed it at me. I said “please hold on for one second, let me get my camera ready so I can take a photograph of you” she said “yaa, for sure”.

So, both of us stood there, undressed up to a point, our feet sinking into the soft Keralan sand. Both of us were now pointing our cameras at each other and both of us were poised to record the exact moment in time when we were both standing on Kovalam beach pointing our cameras at each other. It was a wonderful and comical moment.

Before this moment in time we had never met, we had never spoken to each other; both of us, perhaps for slightly different reasons, felt the same desire to record for posterity our short, beautiful and intimate encounter together. Two people from different countries both photographing ‘the other’.