Campbell Road Bangalore

by thebeautifulpeopleblog

What do you see when you look at this photograph? I guess you see the same scene as I do. You will see the four-legged table with a small vase of flowers placed on top and you will then notice the long white lace curtains that hang down and the bright sunlight that shines through the lattice wooden door frame and the rear bicycle wheel that is half hidden just to the left of the veranda  door.

Of course we all see the same scene, but I have been looking at this photograph for more than thirty years now and what I enjoy the most about this image is that it allows me to directly engage with my great grandparents daily view, one hundred years ago.  My ancestors must have walked past this scene every single day, as they either left or entered their bungalow, at No 3 Campbell Road, Bangalore. They would never have given this view a second glance, or ever realised that one day this view would interest people years later. Just a simple view and a precious record of an old  family home.

 Jason Scott Tilley