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Month: April, 2012

The beautiful people project and my Coventry University photographic residency featured on Develop Tube

Thanks to Erica Mcdonald for adding my conversation with Jaskirk Dhaliwal about the beautiful people project that was recorded at Coventry University last month.

Many different India’s

The day after my encounter with the man who lay dying, half on the road and half on the pavement in New Delhi, I made my way south by train to Goa. As a way of proving to myself that India is still stunning and beautiful though complex and at times mystifying to me, I made this portrait on my arrival at Palolem beach in south Goa.Goa boy Palolem low res


I was once corrected by an Indian scholar during a conversation we were having about life in her country, I had reffered to India as if it were just one place with only one people. She quite rightly reminded me by telling me“always remember there are many different India’s”.