Grandpas tour to photograph in Simla 1947

To add a little more to Grandpa’s story I enclose a letter written to me from Derek Boddington who I have now had the pleasure of speaking with.

Mountbatten Shimla tour copy

Hi Jason,

Many thanks for the photo and for the link.

The photo was taken immediately after the Trooping of the Colour and Centenary parade on 7th October 1947. Customarily at the end of every ceremonial parade, members of the school Staff are introduced to the Presiding Officer and members of his party. It’s a nice picture and of course, I recognize everyone in it. I’m sure my usual visitors and old school friends will be pleased to see it. Your Grandpa’s account of the occasion is accurate and corresponds with mine, (see my earlier email) – except that he has confused the Lovedale school title with ours,  (probably because, coming from the south of India he would have been more familiar with Lovedale.  Sanawar was founded during Lawrence’s lifetime, whereas Lovedale and Ghora Gali were established as memorial schools, after his death in Lucknow, in 1857).

Have you checked out the image numbers I sent you? I’m fairly certain they are all PR photos, but I no longer have access to the prints so I can’t say who took them. They were all 1947, so it has to be either Sharma or your Grandad. I’m also pretty certain that your Grandpa accompanied the CGS General Sir Arthur Smith on his visit to Sanawar for Founder’s Day in 1946. I will look through my files to see what else I can find.

Thanks too for the links to your blog, all of which I found most interesting.  My mother’s folk are also from the south, (Malabar) and our Eurasian link is Anglo-Indian and Indo-Dutch, (Confusing)!  I have been researching my family history since 1999 and also have a genealogy site with the same hosts, (Rootsweb).  It is down for maintenance just now, but I’ll let you know when it’s up again. You’d be very welcome to visit.

Best wishes,