A Poem by David Hurt; be as spirited and fun loving as me

by thebeautifulpeopleblog

You look at me,
You pretend not to look at me,
You wonder how I am the way I am.

You never stop to ask,
You never stop to know.
You just walk
As if walking away is a duty
And a moral principle right
And stopping in a sin.

I am disabled,
But I am not invisible,
I am an inquisitive being,
I am a thinker,
I am an inventor,
A musician,
A singer,
A composer,
A poet,
A dancer,
An artist.

I have strength,
And a sense of humour
Which makes my children proud
That I am alive.

They never complain,
They hug and kiss me
And thank me for their food,
Their beds
And home.

I have a smile
That melts my mother’s heart.

I am never alone.

So please stop,
Talk to me,
Ask me,
Know me,
I might be able to help.
So you can smile,
So you can be yourself,
So you can be determined,
So you can be strong,
So you will never be alone…

So you can be content with life,
So you can be at peace
And be as spirited
And fun loving as me


Palolem beach South Goa 2004

The Poem was written by David Hurt, invigilator from The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum in Coventry, UK. It is Davids  response to my People of India exhibition.