During the autumn of 2013 several boxes of old and now discontinued photographic paper was offered to me. Some of the paper manufactured by Kodak some by Ilford. Whilst the Kodak was, I admit, printable the Ilford was perfect and after checking with them it seems that the boxes of Bromide paper originated from the late 1950’s to the 1960’s. There was also a small amount of ‘Velvet Stipple’ Ilford heavy weight paper from the 1970’s.

What a find. This was classic usable antique photographic paper 3.5″ 5.5″ which had not been produced for years; this was an analogue printer’s dream find. I spent one week in the darkroom at Coventry University where I printed a small amount of images from my Beautiful People collection, making sure that I made few mistakes carefully printing as much material as I could from this exclusive batch of paper that had lasted those years.

The results stunned me. I had some mounted and framed.

The weeding man framed copylowres