Sky blues March 2014

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When I was a little boy the seasonal summer get together for families across Coventry was our annual city carnival. At the front of that ancient pageant was Lady Godiva (always Pru Porretta).

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Excited children, me included lined the route. Open sided Lorries carried children in fancy dress who collected money in buckets; the kids who caught the money were the privileged ones from fekking dancing schools. The rest of us were blasted by head high dirty exhaust pipes spewed from plentiful vehicles from our city’s past, a past that is rich in British industrial history. After the parade lost pennies scattered the route, the children gladly picked them up.

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These days we are united by the Godiva festival an annual summer musical event permanently inked in our city councils calendar.

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Apart from this now well established music fixture we also appear to have an organically grown march which is fast becoming part of out city’s annual heart beat. It is the #KeepCityinCov  #kickSisuOut  #pusb march.

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I have only walked this walk twice, once in 2012 and today 12th July 2014, what a wonderful mixed group we have become. The modern sky blues supporter comes from a multitude of mixed ethnic backgrounds and in my opinion showing this city for what we really are, a city of immigrants and we all seem to share one  common goal. We wish to see our local football club playing within the city that carries its name.

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Is that so hard Sisu? Is that so hard Coventry City Council; is that so hard The FA?

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Let’s not make this march a permanent feature on out city’s calendar although judging by the crowds in ‘JD Spoons’ I bet ‘The Management’ wouldn’t mind the extra-‘once a year Saturday trade’.

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