Times Rondeau

Dorethy Alvina Scott (Dolly) 1924-2012

Dorethy Alvina Scott (Dolly) 1924-2012

Dorothy Alvina Scott (Dolly) 1924-2012

This poem was read out at my grandmothers’ funeral two weeks ago by the minister, it was written in my grandpa’s handwriting and was found as we cleared through my Nan’s possessions at her small flat in Coventry, United Kingdom, just days after she had died. I have no idea who acctually wrote this poem but I will try to find out. The poem  is entitled        ‘Times Rondeau’



Times flies they say. Then while you may

Drown care and laugh the hours away;

Because the old and the wise, who know,

All tell us and it must be so,

That we’ve so little time to stay

To sing a song of pleasures gay.

Red wine, soft lips, as moons in May

Before Decembers winds do flow;

Time flies they say.

Then dance and kiss, and drink and play

For what is money but to pay

For joys that, like ourselves will grow

So old and O, so very slow;

Today will soon be yesterday;

Time flies they say.